Whales Winter months only
The majestic Humpback whales travel each year from the cold Antartic waters to the warmer waters of the Great Barrier Reef and Pacific Oceans, to give birth to their young.  During this migration, they usually pass by the eastern waters of Fraser Island.

After the young are born, they slowly make their way back down the coast, and call into the calm waters of Hervey Bay's Platybus Bay.

The mothers care for the young, who seem to very quickly learn to all the antics that keep us mesmorised by their grace and character.  They arrive in Platypus Bay around the end of July and stay to around the beginning of November.

During that time the calves are able to develop a protective layer of blubber, to enable them to swim the long journey south.

The mother's are often chased by the juveniles aiming to mate while they are resting with the young.

Often the mother will "park" her young close to a "Whale Watching Boat" while she tries to outswim the armourous attentions being plied upon her by several males.

How times have changed, once hunted by our early settlers, and indeed by our ancestors, and now protected, loved and held in awe at such graceful and powerful creatures.

Most people agree that whale watching is one of the greatest spectacles they will ever be able to do in their lifetime.

We want you to have a "Wow"of a time in Hervey Bay in our Home Away from Home
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On our Whale watching tour, one of the babies simply flew out of the water beside our boat.  Totally unexpected, no cameras to capture the moment, but it lives in our memories for ever. 

Recently we enjoyed the antics of a mother and her baby, when the juvenile, "spy-hopped" beside our boat.

Spy-hopping involves raising it whole body vertically out of the water, next to the boat, probably just to be as inquisitive as we were. 

My granddaughter was thrilled!  Unfortunately it was far to quick to even get a photo, or was it because I was totally shocked!

The segments on the Humpback Whales include photos from our guests, Jeanette and Noel, who were able to shoot some amazing video on their cruise. Enjoy!