There is a heater in the lounge for extra winter warmth, and all the air-conditioners are reverse cycle, remote control operated.

Policy, Terms and Conditions
Booking and Fees

No booking will be accepted unless the Booking Form and a deposit have been paid

Two night minimum booking.  We do recommend advance bookings.

Balance of the stay is payable 7 days prior to arrival.  Payments by direct deposit or Paypal are accepted.

Pet Bond of $100 payable at the time of booking if staying for more than 6 nights with a pet

An invoice will be sent to you as soon as the booking form is received.

Cancellations:  Minimum of 14 days notice.  An administration fee of $33 applies to all cancellations.

No show, no refund, unless a severe medical emergancy exists and then only with a medical certificate


Guests are totally responsible for their own personal injury or property damage, loss, theft while holidaying at Annesley Haus At The Bay.

Guests are liable and extra charges may apply for any property damage to Annesley Haus at the Bay, including loss, breakages, theft, (other than normal wear and tear)


The use of the spa is at the risk of the guests, and they are reminded of the safety aspects when holidaying with young children.

Operations Manual

Guests are requested to familiarise themselves with the operations manual in the property, and carefully observe the instructions for the spa and other equipment.


The management has the right to refuse entry and/or accept bookings at any time.

Often there can be several requests for accommodation from prospective guests all enquiring for the same period.  If a guest requests a booking form, they are reminded that it is in their best interests to immediately return that form, as our policy in this instance is to reserve the property for the first received booking form, with deposit paid.

It is not unusual for guests to request a booking form and then never return it.  It is not our policy to keep emailing guests to remind them to return forms.

Annesley Haus At The Bay accepts your agreement of these terms, policy and conditions when you make a confirmed book with a deposit paid.

We welcome your comments in our Guest Book, which indicates your willingness and permission to use your feedback for advertising purposes.


The spa is cleaned and water removed after each stay.  Instructions for the use of the spa are in the spa room, and we ask that you apply the spa treatment as indicated.

Before using the spa, please remove all sand.  We have an outdoor shower near the front airconditioner unit for that purpose.

Protecting the environment

Cleaning products used at Annesley Haus at the Bay are environmentally friendly as you will see from the cleaning products on the premises.

We do ask that you turn off all lights and air-conditioners when leaving the property, and that you leave the air-conditioners set to the recommended 23 degrees.

All lamp bulbs are fluroescent style, as are all the internal light fittings.

No-Smoking policy

The property is smoke free, in line with the Government guidelines determining a workplace.

Smokers are asked to make their own arrangements, and bin their rubbish. There is absolutely no smoking allowed within the house.
No butts or evidence of smokers in the outside grounds will be tolerated.

We suffer from an allergy to smoke.  If it found that guests have chosen to break our rule, then a cleaning fee of $250 is applicable.

Weekly stays

Weekly guests have the option of having the linen chaned mid-week, however there are ample supplies of towels and beach towels in the second bedroom.
If you still require a linen change then just let us know.


Doonas are dry cleaned at the end of winter, and stored in the cupboards.  We have woolen doonas for winter warmth and summer weight for the warmer months.  Extra blankets are also availabe in the cupboards.

Cleaning Standards

The home will be thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival and the rubbish bins cleaned and deodorised.  We do ask that you consider the next guest and leave the property as you found it.

Should the house be left in an inappropriate condition, then a cleaning fee of not more than $250 will apply to that guest.  So far, in all the years that we have been letting the house, we have not had to apply this fee.  An account will be forwarded detailing the cleaning expense, and payment will be due within 3 days.  Failure to do so, will result in legal action through the courts.

Rubbish bins must be lined with the plastic garbage liners, so we can remove the contents.

Rubbish collection is Tuesday.  The collection is often very early on the Tuesday morning, so please put the bins out on Monday night, if you are staying those days.  Please wrap your rubbish, and then replace the bin liners.

All dog droppings are to be removed from the property and placed in plastic bins in the rubbish bin.


If there is any item that requires maintenance please either leave a note or call us during the stay

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpets are dry-cleaned every six months.  We would ask that you refrain from putting any dirty marks on the carpets during your stay, and to clean up any spills immediately.  Cleaning supplies are in the cupboards above the laundry sink.  Vacumm cleaner is in the cupboard.

Changeover and Vacating procedures

To assist with our change-over procedure we would appreciate your stripping the beds, and placing all the linen in the laundry basket provided in the laundry.  Towels can be left in the bath.

Check out is 11.00 am and check in is 2.00pm.  Where possible we allow flexible times, and will advise you by email.


Are not welcome on the carpeted areas, and absolutely under no circumstances on any furniture.  Evidence of this may result in an extra Pet Cleaning Fee.
All evidence of the pets must be removed prior to vacating, including repair of any damage to the grounds and gardens. 
Pets must be vaccinated and not have fleas, and must be registered with their local authority.  Pets are not to be barkers or to disturbe the residents.
Our property provides many different areas for pet comfort.

Noise and nuisance

As an occupier at 24 Leslie Lane Scarness you and your guests agree to the following:

                      Noise will be kept to a minimum, having respect to the immediate residential neighbours, with no noise between 10.00pm and 8.00am
                      You will maintain the security of the property
                      Abide by any noise abatement order issued by police or any regulatory authority
                      Refrain from engaging in any drunken, obscene or antisocial behaviour
                      Be responsible for any visitors and ensure that they comply with these terms and conditions.



                    Pregnant ladies are reminded of the health risks of using the spa during pregnancy, and at no time is the temperature to be changed from the recommended 33.5, or serious health risks can occur.

The Terms and Conditions form part of the Booking Fee and are to be considered before the booking form is completed
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