Enjoying your holiday with your 4 legged friends
Annesley Haus At The Bay Pet Information
Pets love the feedom of running in the water, especially Matilda, who will swim, go fishing, and be sure to roll whatever the weather.

But there are some important rules for the enjoyment not only of your pet but of all the residents.

Firstly the dog off-leash beaches.

There are several in Hervey Bay that allow off-leash between 4.00pm and 8.00 am.  They are clearly sign posted.  On these beaches will be doggie plastic bags and rubbish bins for you to pick up and dispose of your dogs droppings.

We have also provided dog shampoo for you to wash the dog when he returns from a swim, and have an outdoor shower or trigger hose in the front courtyard for that purpose.  Dog towels are also provided in the storage area in the garage.

Pet treats are available, as well as a spare lead and always a can of food, just for emergencies.  If you need to use it please replace it.

We provide a dog bed, and bowl, but we ask that you bring their own bedding.

All dog guests must be vaccinated, and not have fleas.  Nor can they be diggers, or barkers.

Our property is fully secure for your pet. 

Any evidence of the dog is to be removed prior to your vacating the property.

There are also several beaches that allow dogs off leash all day.
They can be found at the end of Urangan, Gatekers Bay, Eli Creek and Dundowran.  Maps showing the off-leash beaches are supplied in the house.

There are off leash areas between 4.00pm and 8.00 am at Urangan, Scarness and Pt Vernon, others are marked on the maps provided.

The Scarness off-leash beach is at the end of our laneway, between Zephyr Street and Tuan Tuan Creek.  Join in with the many dogs that visit in those hours.

Sometimes people are para-sailing in the same area at the same time, and during holidays many young children are on the beach in the afternoon. 

As responsible pet owners we leave it to you to make a decision whether to allow your dog off in those circumstances.

Remember also that only socialised dogs should be allowed off-leash.

We believe that pets are far better either staying with their family or familiar people during holiday periods.

By making our home available for pet owners, we know that their pets have enjoyed their stay rather than be placed in boarding kennels, where their owners have condsiderable added expenses.

What dog wouldnt want to swim when this is the walk to Tuan Tuan Creek from the Esplanade
Beach access at the head of our laneway
Off Leash at Eli Creek
At Tuan Tuan Creek at Scarness
Morning walks at Scarness
We want you to have a "Wow"of a time in Hervey Bay in our Home Away from Home
A short stroll from the door at 24 to the steps at 42
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A happy dog she likes to fish!
Dogs are absolutely forbidden on any furniture or carpeted area as per our terms and conditions.  Any damages will be at  your expenses.

The layout of our property provides plenty of shady areas for pets to relax, and our garden has lots of good smells in it!

How do we know, because our pet friends have told us!

In fact they all write that they enjoyed their stay!

Oh! and sorry but no cats!

Cause our goldfish are rather special, we hope you feed them they appreciate that!