Hervey Bay - A Snapshot and some Information
Hervey Bay is approximately 300 km north of Brisbane's northern suburbs, and it is a 3 hour drive from the Pine River Bridge.  The drive along the Bruce Highway passes the Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Maryborough and then from the turn-off it is 34 miles  north east of Maryborough.

From the north, it is about 1.5 hours south of Bundaberg.  Take the turnoff at Howard and follow the signs.

The first to discover Hervey Bay was Captain Cook in 1770.  It was named after Lord Hervey who was Captain Cook's superior.

Hervey Bay originally consisted of five separate villages, scattered along the esplanade from Pt Vernon to Urangan.  It was proclaimed a city in February 1984, around about the same time that Mc Donalds came to town, and that is when our kids really thought it was a great holiday place!

The area is one of the fastest growing localities in Queensland, and with the amalgamation of the Councils, it is now administered by the Fraser Coast Regional Council. The locality stretches from Tiaro, about 45 minutes to the South, to Burrum Heads, about 25 minutes to the north,  Howard about 30 minutes to the west and includes Fraser Island.   The population is around 60,000 and growing at around 3% per year.

It was originally the favourite holiday destination for the hard working farming families, many of whom built holiday houses along the esplanade.

It's reputation as a safe holiday spot is the reason that many of the residents, who have spent their annual holidays in "The Bay", have returned when they have retired.  Sometimes it is even hard to find a true "local", most of the residents have come from other areas.

During the winter months the caravan parks are filled with our southern visitors hoping to escape the colder winter climates.  Winter has an average temperature of 22 degrees, however, we can occasionally have a very cold day.

Summer averages are around 29 degrees.  Often it is the humidity that makes one feel very uncomfortable, and grateful for the air-conditioners!  There is usually a cooling breeze to be found, especially around the Esplanade.

There is around 60 klms of beachfront, 30klms of which face north.  There is a bikeway from Point Vernon to Urangan, a distance of around 20klms of flat path.


Travelling south along Main Street from Pialba, is the suburb Urraween.  It was originally called Pialba, and over the past 15 years gained the name Urraween.  The Hervey Bay Hospital is located in Urraween.  It is recommended to include a drive up Christenson Street to Ghost Hill, and observe the magnificent views.

Why Ghost Hill? well the story goes that a lady used to live there and one night she was waiting for her husband to come home, and heard a noise and went outside wearing her nightshir, and waved her hurricane lamp around, the locals looking up thought they had seen a ghost and the name stuck)  Price of land in 1970's $5K today????)

New suburbs have been created from planned residential sub-divisions.  Many of these can be found on the southern side of the town.  Eli Waters is one of the latest, and houses a canal development.  One of the larges Woolworths Supermarkets can be found in Eli Waters Shopping Centre.

Travelling north, and the area extends to Dundowran, Craignish then on to Toogum and Burrum Heads.  From there it is a short drive to Howard and Torbanlea.

Dundowran was created as the result of a sand and gravel operator.  He managed to dig materials leaving a waterhole behind.  These eventually filled, and today the whole area consists of acreage blocks many including water ponds.  The Council owns the Arkarra Wetlands, originally a fantastic spot for a meal, but deserted these days.  The beach is very sandy, but also a great place to find interesting shells!  BBQ picnic spots are available to the northern part, and the dog all day off-leash is to be found at the southern end.

Craignish is also an acreage suburb, but is on a hill with excellent views over the Bay.

Toogum is a great fishing spot,  with boat ramp.  Many residential projects have been created over recent years, however there is something special about the mix of kangaroos, kookaburras in one street, and the foreshore in the next.  A very peaceful suburb only 15 minutes from town.

Burrum Heads has many caravan parks, some on the Burrum River, some along the foreshore.  Great fishing spot.

Howard is a true country town.  A trip to Howard would not be complete without a visit to the local bakery, or to Van Coutten's Drapery Store.  There was a coal mine located in the town, and the mine's owner lived at Brooklyn House.  Tours can be arranged. 

Torbanlea is another delightful little country spot.  Look out for the successful and popular Torbanlea Races around October each year for a fun time.  Mining was also carried out in the region, and many of the miners houses are still home to the residents.

Local wildlife on the Common at Toogum
Beautiful Dundowran Beach in 1969, 10 whales beached themselves on the beach
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